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Description "San francisco 49ers legends"

San Francisco 49ers LEGENDS-The Golden Age of Pro Football, is a new 6" X 9," 305-page book, with 36 pages of photos. The book is essentially the definitive story of the 49ers' football team from their swirling tales of the old All-American Football Conference rivalries, and throughout the 1950s' decade in the National Football League. It's told personally by perhaps the team's most faithful followers - Martin Jacobs. It could be the book about the team's beginnings that most 49ers' fans will ultimately have on their shelves. Other books written about the 49ers dwell on facts, while not tapping into the personal devotion that Jacobs passionately express. Keep in mind there is, nor ever will be a book about the team's history, which showcases a personal historic overview of the team's emerging years as this one. The book tells a story about the 49ers' players we read about in the newspapers and listened to on play-by-play radio broadcasts, and eventually on television, during the Golden Age of Pro Football. They were coached by Lawrence "Buck" Shaw, called the "Silver Fox," who was a local legend, who gave the team instant credibility and turned them into a winner, as well. In the decade, the 49ers had assembled one of the greatest backfields ever. They came to be known as the "Million Dollar Backfield," made up of fullback Joe Perry, halfbacks' John Henry Johnson and Hugh McElhenny, and quarterback Y.A. Tittle-all enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. These players opened up new frontiers and laid a solid foundation for the championship years to follow. They all made great stories to share - from their gridiron heroics, on the basketball court and in Roller Derby. The book is a true narrative account of the 49ers' formative years, which encapsulates the difference between the players of yesteryear and today's crop. It brings back priceless memories and an elicit sense of sadness that those days and players are now history. There are 49 chapters with feature stories on players like McElhenny, (aka "The King"), one of the greatest open-field runners ever- tackle Leo "The Lion" Nomellini, who perhaps had a disposition better suited for hand-to-hand combat- linebacker Hardy "The Hatchet" Brown, who hammered everything and everybody in sight with his signature shoulder tackles. Others include Tony Morabito, the team's first owner- 49ers' players who served in the military- outstanding quarterbacks: Frankie "The Wizard" Albert, "The Colonel" Tittle and John Brodie- halfback Joe Arenas, an Iwo Jima survivor who exemplified the teams' fighting spirit- grand old Kezar Stadium, the birthplace of the famed Tittle to R.C.Owens' "Alley-Oop" pass plays and the epic site of the last quarter "cliffhangers" to beat the Rams, Bears, Colts, Packers and Lions- an array of star rookies: Gordy Soltau, Billy Wilson, Clay Matthews, Matt Hazeltine, Charley Powell, Dickey Moegle and others. Personal interviews with Joe Perry- Jan Jeffers, owner of the 49ers first mascot burro, Clementine- Deanna (O'Mara) Cope, an original 49er majorette, Kezar vendor Bruce Lombardi- Joe McTigue's 49ers marching band- 49ers' basketball team- 49ers in the off-season- 49ers' trivia- 49ers' team gear- collecting and investing in 49ers' relics, and much more. This book will bring back those memories with each turn of a page as the 49ers' heritage will remain alive with the deeds and foibles of those who, by their performance, their personality, or both, gave flavor and substance to those times, are as unique in their own right as in their interviews. The author has assembled an array of 50 outstanding publicity and action photographs from his collection of over 1,000 - some which have never been published before. For any 49ers' fan that followed this team in the Golden Age, you will find this book, not just the story of a football team coming of age, but a stirring evocative collection of reminiscences that touches upon what it me

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