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  • Book Title: Undefeated untied unscored upon
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Description "Undefeated untied unscored upon"

The TRUE story of Pennsylvania's 1957 Cass Township High School Football Team (American Football) that beat every team they played that year. Incredibly, they not only won every game, but they were so tough on defense, their opponents did not score a single point! Cass won the playoff game 2-0 in the cold, rain, and mud with only 15 seconds left. Attention-grabbing pictures documenting the football games and the 1950s are included. This small football team played their games on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and even played "Monday Night High School Football." In December 1957, the ankle-deep, muddy field was speckled with white snow. It was a cold, dreary, rainy, Saturday afternoon. It had snowed earlier that week and the ground was frozen. That is, until the day before, when it had warmed up and started to rain. By game day, the frozen tundra of a football field had turned into a giant sea of mud. Two great high school football teams in the coal regions of Pennsylvania were about to face off at Pottsville's Veterans Memorial Stadium. It was a special play-off game for the championship of the Southern Division of the PA Eastern Conference. Cass Township, UNDEFEATED, UNTIED, and UNSCORED UPON, had a 9-0 record: the tiny community school with only 55 seniors in the graduating class, and 20 members on the varsity squad, had a championship match-up with Shamokin, a much larger regional school with 10 wins and 2 losses. The book starts with a flashback: Chapter 1, Coach Pat Dreams The year was 1999. Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame coach Pat Droskinis was 83 years old and lay in his bed drifting in and out of consciousness. The old coach knew he was dying of cancer, but wasn't ready to call it quits. Not yet! He had whipped prostate cancer into remission twelve years prior, but the disease returned with a vengeance. Lucid moments at this stage were rare, and he knew his days were numbered. Still, he "kept the faith." Suddenly, some familiar voices and noises startled him. He opened his eyes and saw a few of his favorite football players. Gathered at his bedside were members of the legendary Cass Township championship football team that he coached back in the late 1950s... It is not just a sports book - the 23 chapters contain fascinating historical references about the football games and the 1950s, including the music, the cars, and the news of the day. In chapter 19, The School Board President, Jimmy Ryan, introduced three U.S. presidents campaigning in the local PA coal region area. He was that powerful. One player went on to play in the National Football League, and the Canadian Football League: his story is told in Chapter 22, The Future NFL Player. Chapter 23, Coach Pat's Life, is all about Pat Droskinis' journey from 10 years in the PA coal mines to 25 years in the classrooms and ball-fields. Appendix A, "About the Players," includes information about all varsity players: Appendix B, "Names and Statistics," lists the names, jersey numbers, and astonishing records. " ...Bouncing footballs do strange things. This one shot right back toward Shamokin's end zone, and Russ Frantz, Cass team co-captain, tried desperately to grab the muddy ball before it rolled out of the end zone, for a touchdown. However, it rolled off his cold and wet fingertips and out of the end zone near a bank of piled up muddy snow."

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