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Description "Nfl no-brainers"

The National Football League (NFL) has never been more popular- however it's also never been more ridiculed. Money is flowing like water while at the same time traumatic injuries seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Simply put, the NFL is at a crossroads. The above said, if the NFL really wants to maximize its earning and mass popularity potential, outside of doing whatever it takes to make the game safer for all who play it, there are two things I personally believe the NFL should do ASAP. The first is realignment. The current divisions - with the exception of one - simply make no sense at all. Realignment isn't merely a great idea, it's a no-brainer! This book presents not only a strong case for realignment but details exactly what the new divisions should look like. The second is that the NFL needs to create its own NCAA University, an NFL University as it were. This book makes a case for why the NFL needs its own NCAA University and details why and how such an institution could be of great benefit not just to the bottom line but to student athletes everywhere.

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