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  • Book Title: Daily devotions for die-hard fans
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Description "Daily devotions for die-hard fans"

As the first book did, MORE Daily Devotions for Die-Hard Fans: Auburn Tigers offers Auburn fans the chance to team their passion for the Tigers and their passion for Christ with a daily devotional that is fun but still provides a time of earnest reflection about God and your faith. Ole Miss had an answer for Cam Newton's rushing ability, so Auburn just changed the question. Travis Williams got his shot at a national title – six years after he first expected it. Auburn may well have won the 1957 national title with a play that wasn't even in the playbook. Did Auburn really have a player so blind he played by sound Josh Bynes couldn't be stopped – not even by his shoes. These all-brand-new stories and more new ones are recounted here. Also appearing are Nick Fairley, Bo Jackson, Lee Ziemba, Shug Jordan, Darvin Adams, and many others. Every story in this book is told with a twist: Each one is tied to God's story. Have fun! Have faith! War Eagle! Go God!

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